Overview aluminium cups & chocolate molds

In the table underneath you'll find an overview of our assortment of aluminium cups, capsules and chocolate molds. The names of the models in the first column contain links to the individual pages.

Model Diameter Height Diameter
  opening   base
Aluminium cup model Brussels 34mm 21mm 23mm
Aluminium cup model Vienna I 32mm 18mm 22mm
Aluminium cup model Vienna II 32mm 16mm 25mm
Aluminium cup model Paris (cupcake I) 55mm 25mm 43mm
Aluminium cup model square 28mm 16mm 23mm
Aluminium cup model sixcorner 28mm 13mm 25mm
Aluminium cup model oval small 40mm 16mm 27mm
Aluminium cup model oval large 42mm 15mm 32mm
Aluminium cup model 1a 30mm 15mm 26mm
Aluminium cup model 5a 25mm 14mm 23mm
Aluminium cup model 6a 28mm 15mm 24mm
Aluminium cup model 6b 30mm 16mm 25mm
Aluminium cup model 33 32mm 18mm 25mm
Aluminium cup model 35
36mm 21mm 28mm
Aluminium cup model 36
35mm 26mm 24mm
Aluminium cup model 19x26 (candle sleeve) 33mm 26mm 19mm
Aluminium cup model 28x16 41mm 16mm 28mm
Aluminium cup model 59x25 (cupcake II) 64mm 25mm 59mm


  • Our range of aluminium molds, cups and capsules vary in size, shape and measurements.
  • The material varies in surface and colour. 
  • The material has a smooth or embossed surface. 
  • The standard colours are gold, silver, red, green and blue.
  • Other colours are available at larger quantities.
  • In some models, it’s possible to emboss your custom logo in the base of the cup.
  • Aluminium cup model 35
  • Aluminium cup model Vienna I
  • aluminium cup model 6b
  • Aluminium cup model oval large
  • Aluminium cup model square
  • Aluminium cup model 1a
  • Aluminium cup model Brussels
  • Aluminium cup model 36
  • Aluminium cup model 19x26 (candle sleeve)
  • Aluminium cup model Vienna II
  • Aluminium cup model 28x16
  • Aluminium cup model 59x25
  • aluminium cup model 35 / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 35 / aluminium cuvette modèle 35 / cápsula de aluminio modelo 35 / alu-cup model 35
  • alu-cup model Paris (cupcake I) / Modell Paris (CupCake I) / modèle Paris (muffins I) / modelo París (magdalenas I) / model Parijs (cupcakes I)
  • alu-cup model Vienna I / Alu-Kapsel Modell Wien I / alu-cuvette modèle Vienne I / alu-cápsula modelo Viena I / alu-cuvette model Wenen I
  • aluminium cup model 6b / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 6b / aluminium cuvette modèle 6b / cápsula de aluminio modelo 6b / alu-cup model 6b
  • alu-cup model oval large / Kapsel Modell Oval groß / cuvette modèle ovale grand / cápsula modelo grande oval / cuvette model ovaal groot
  • alu-cup model square / Alu-Kapsel Modell Vierkant / alu-cuvette modèle carré / alu-cápsula modelo cuadrado / alu-cuvette model vierkant
  • aluminium cup model 1a / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 1a / aluminium cuvette modèle 1a / cápsula de aluminio modelo 1a / alu-cup model 1a
  • alu-cup model Brussels / Alu-Kapsel Modell Brüssel / alu-cuvette modèle Bruxelles / alu-cápsula modelo Bruselas / alu-cup model Brussel
  • aluminium cup model 5a / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 5a / aluminium cuvette modèle 5a / cápsula de aluminio modelo 5a / alu-cup model 5a
  • aluminium cup model 36 / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 36 / aluminium cuvette modèle 36 / cápsula de aluminio modelo 36 / alu-cup model 36
  • 19x26 candle sleeve / 19x26 Passmannschette für Kerzen / 19x26 manche pour bougies / 19x26 manguito para velas / 19x26 kaars manchette
  • aluminium cup model 33 / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 33 / aluminium cuvette modèle 33 / cápsula de aluminio modelo 33 / alu-cup model 33
  • alu-cup model Vienna II / Alu-Kapsel Modell Wien II / alu-cuvette modèle Vienne II / alu-cápsula modelo Viena II / alu-cup model Wenen II
  • alu-cup model sixcorner / Alu-Kapsel Modell Sechskant / alu-cuvette modèle hexagonal / alu-cápsula modelo hexágono / cup model zeskant
  • alu-cup model oval small / Kapsel Modell Oval klein / cuvette modèle ovale petit / cápsula modelo pequeño oval / cuvette model ovaal klein
  • alu-cup model 28x16 / Alu-Kapsel Modell 28x16 / alu-cuvette modèle 28x16 / cápsula de aluminio modelo 28x16 / alu-cuvette model 28x16
  • aluminium cup model 6a / Aluminium-Kapsel Modell 6a / aluminium cuvette modèle 6a / cápsula de aluminio modelo 6a / alu-cup model 6a
  • alu-cup model 29x25 (cupcake II) / Modell 29x25 (CupCake II) / modèle 29x25 (muffins II) / modelo 29x25 (magdalenas II) / 29x25 (cupcakes II)